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Functioning as an effective team in any business setting is not only important, but necessary in providing quality services, no matter what a business has to offer.  This team building approach is experiential in nature and is based on the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning model.  This means that your team will interact with horses to problem solve and function as a cohesive group.  

Why horses?  

Horses are powerful animals, creating an opportunity to face fears and develop confidence.  Horses are very much like humans; they are social, have their own personalities, can be fun, defiant or stubborn.  They have an amazing ability to mirror human body language.  Horses are honest, which makes them especially powerful messengers.  Horses provide incredible opportunities for metaphorical learning and thinking 'outside the box'.


  • Each individual plays a significant role in his/her team

  • Develop leadership, communication and problem solving skills

  • Become a more efficient and productive team

  • Thinking 'outside the box'; becoming more creative and flexible while addressing various situations

  • Team building activities take place in a neutral environment

  • Looking at situations from different perspectives, as individuals are pushed out of their comfort zones

  • Applying metaphors from team building activities to work environment

  • Horses provide the feedback


One Day Experience

Time:  9 am to 4 pm

By appointment only

Fee:  $ 1,800.00

Participants: Minimum of 5

Three Day Experience

Time:  9 am to 4 pm for 3 consecutive days

By appointment only

Fee:  $ 4,900.00

Participants:  Minimum of 5

For more information or to reserve your training, please call 

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